Monday, May 15, 2017

INTERNET MARKETING's Pidgeon carries good news for local Australia businesses!

INTERNET MARKETING is a highly complex and uncertain area of online marketing and is important to everything that you are planning to do for your business. But the catch for some people entering the world of INTERNET MARKETING is that Google keeps making changes, so you ought to understand all of recent updates for you to be readied for the future, and the new changes in Pidgeon herald some interesting news for local Australia businesses.

Historically we have had Google Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird, but one of the most recent addition is Pidgeon, and it has actually made a number of rather subtle changes that is necessary to get your head around if you are attempting to tackle INTERNET MARKETING.

So, if you don't already know, Panda was the first major update in this series, and it laid the foundation for what Google considered to be a 'good website' and punished those that were not structured well. Penguin then came on and started attacking all the dodgy sites that are using underhanded techniques or working to buy links-- it pushed again towards websites having to 'earn' a positon than buy one.

Hummingbird added a new feature to the game and made us all look to the need for 'responsive design' and recognise the manner in which the modern user browses the internet. So this brings us to Pidgeon. Hopefully, you can see the theme that has been building-- Search Engines reward those deserving. Pidgeon caries on the tradition, but it takes it even further and helps the locals too!

Essentially Pidgeon has established a higher focus upon the importance of local search results to any search queries. What does this mean? Well let's consider two companies, one is a small local Australia business, has been around for decades, and is attempting to increase their INTERNET MARKETING. The other is a new franchise store from a company that has 100s of outlets around the country.

In the past, the smaller local Australia store would be struggling with INTERNET MARKETING because they would have to match the budget of the larger company. This meant that many small businesses were just backing off on INTERNET MARKETING or wasting their money and time. With Pidgeon, a search in Australia, is now more likely to rank a local Australia business as a high result compared with one with a national office elsewhere.

So INTERNET MARKETING's new Google update is one to really understand to make sure that you can get the most from your business!

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